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Terms & Conditions

Messy Motors pays cash for cars in ANY condition. Just because your car is broken, wrecked, leaking, damaged, or looks like a heaping pile of junk does NOT mean it has no value. You can get good cash for it today. The towing and removal is always fast, free, and arranged to fit your schedule.
Our national network of towers will come to your car’s location, pay you cash up front, and tow the vehicle away absolutely FREE. We always pay top dollar and can usually pick up your car within 24 hours. The amount of cash we pay depends on the condition of your vehicle and whether or not it can be kept for parts, fixed it up, or simply recycled. The best way to find out exactly what your car is worth is to call now for a quote. Getting a quote takes less than five minutes, and we will make you an offer to buy your car today.

We will buy vehicles with ANY of the following conditions:

  • ABS system or ABS sensor fault
  • Accident – wrecked, crashed, totaled, destroyed
  • Bad alternator and/or dead battery
  • Bad ignition system, will not start
  • Blown manual or automatic transmission
  • Body damage
  • Broken crankshaft, broken rod or bad valve
  • Broken windshield or window
  • Coolant leak or broken radiator
  • Damaged interior
  • Dented door
  • Electrical system problems
  • No muffler or catalytic converter
  • O2 sensor
  • Oil leak
  • Rotted hose
  • Rotten or flat tire
  • Rotten or rusted floor board
  • Rotten/broken timing or serpentine belt
  • Rusted or rusty exterior
  • Seized or blown engine
  • Various types of mechanical issues or physical damage that makes the vehicle difficult to sell on the traditional used car market

Are you ready to get cash for your broken down car or totaled truck? We’ll buy your car for cash today. Contact us for a free quote. We’ll arrive with cash in hand and tow it away for you, so you can get on with your life and into your next car. At Messy Motors, we buy junk cars for cash.

Cash for your car today, ANYWHERE in the United States.

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