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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell junk cars for cash if I’ve lost the vehicle registration papers?

Many people have this problem, particularly if they need to sell a junk car that’s old or hasn’t been used for quite a long time. Some States still allow you to sell a junk or salvaged vehicle even if the title or registration papers have been lost. Please contact us and we can help you with this. You will need to have a valid driver’s license.

If my car has been totaled in an accident, can I sell it to Messy Motors and still collect from the insurance company?

In most cases, yes you can. If it’s been in an accident, and your insurance company has determined that it’s a total loss and you need to dispose of it, you may not know that you can sell it for cash and still collect the insurance settlement for a total loss. Most auto insurance policies allow you to sell a salvaged vehicle for a certain amount without it affecting the cash settlement payment from the insurance. If you have questions, contact your auto insurance company.

I don’t know if my vehicle is really worth anything. Is it even worth calling in to get a quote?

We will buy any vehicle, no matter what condition it’s in or what model, make, or year it is. All vehicles have value. Some junk cars and trucks can be painstakingly rebuilt, some have significant physical damage but are still safe and drivable, others can be used for auto parts, and others can be recycled for the metal, glass, and plastics they are made of.

Do you only buy cars, or do you work with trucks and SUVs?

We buy junk vehicles of all types at Messy Motors. Some salvage companies mostly work with cars and they won’t give you a fair price for trucks or SUVs. At Messy Motors, we appreciate that cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles are usually more valuable and we pay higher for them. We’re experienced in determining the value of trucks, SUVs, commercial vehicles, vans, cars, vintage automobiles, and more.

I haven’t driven this old truck in four years, but when my son grows up, he might want to learn about cars and rebuild it. Isn’t it better to keep an old broken down vehicle around, just in case?

If your car is hard to fix now, it’ll be even harder 5 years from now, when it’s even older and the parts are even harder to come by. There will always be a large supply of old clunkers available on the market that you can pick up for cheap.

What are the advantages of recycling my vehicle responsibly at Messy Motors?

Recycling your vehicle is always the right thing to do for the environment, and getting rid of old vehicles keeps your property looking clean and attractive. Broken down cars parked in driveways or on the street can pose a safety hazard for children playing near (or in) the vehicle and can decrease the value of the homes in your neighborhood. At Messy Motors, we’re proud members of the Automotive Recyclers Association and are committed to high standards in the auto recycling industry.

When do cars usually get junked or salvaged?

If it costs more to repair the vehicle than it’s worth, you know it’s time to junk your vehicle.

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