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About Messy Motors

Messy Motors was founded with the goal of providing a convenient solution for people who would like to sell junk cars for cash. We buy all vehicles and offer free towing. Since we pay top dollar, we’ve made it into a win-win situation for everyone involved in the transaction. At Messy Motors, people can get cash for junk cars easily and without any hassle.

All vehicles have value, no matter what condition they are in. That’s why we employ professionally trained vehicle valuation specialist to determine the value of each automobile, so we can deliver a fast, up-front quote for each vehicle that reflects the true value of the vehicle.

When determining the value of each vehicle, our professional valuation specialists will take into consideration the age and condition of the vehicle, the local market and demand (such as for parts), and other factors so that we can give you an honest price for your vehicle.

Over the years, we have worked hard to provide a strong value and excellent service for all of our customers, now spanning all 50 states. When customers call in or email a quote request, they’ll get a rapid response. Once they decide to sell, the customer names the time and place and one of our licensed, insured tow trucks drivers will show up with the payment in hand. Since we understand that customers need quick service, we can usually pick up the vehicle by tow truck within 24 hours.

At Messy Motors, We Are Dedicated to Delivering the Following:

  • Quick quotes on selling junk cars for cash
  • On the spot payment! Turn your old car into cash
  • We employ professionally trained vehicle valuation specialist, ensuring you get top dollar for your junk car
  • Free towing
  • Fast service
  • Free, instant quotes
  • Extended business hours
  • Pick up of your junk car within 24 hours in most locations
  • Courteous customer service team
  • Tow truck drivers are licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Good ratings from previous customers
  • Nationwide company, licensed and insured
  • No title required in most states
  • Get cash for your junk car, truck, van, or SUV today anywhere in the US by contacting us!

Years ago, cars that broke down, wore out, or were totaled in accidents were often disposed of at the owner’s expense. You had to get someone to drag your old Model T to a junkyard, and then pay a fee once you get there. Because of this, you can still see old rusting cars littering abandoned fields throughout rural America.

However, since car metal can be recycled, and most cars are full of valuable parts, every car has value. Vehicles can be sold for parts if they are newer vehicles and their parts are still in demand. As for the oldest vehicles, they have some value too as recyclable scrap metal. Messy Motors solves the problem of junk cars littering the nation by buying all vehicles in all conditions. Customers are paid in cash, up front, or we can deposit payment into an account. We also offer free towing for your junk car, for your convenience and peace of mind.

Cash for your car today, ANYWHERE in the United States.

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