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Our Core Values

At Messy Motors, we embrace the values of honesty, reliability, and integrity. We are driven to provide reliable solutions to customers seeking to sell junk or salvaged vehicles anywhere in the United States. At Messy Motors, we make business decisions based on the following core values.

Customer Service First

The satisfaction of our customers is the #1 reason our business has expanded and now stretches across the country. We strive to answer all questions effectively and honestly so that customers can have a well-informed experience with us.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

We keep broken down vehicles out of abandoned fields and seek innovative ways to responsibly recycle and reuse automobile materials.

Innovation and Technology

In the auto recycling industry, there are constant changes and advancements in technology that help us deliver fast and accurate service to our customers. We are committed to utilizing the latest technology to help us serve our customers and create a cleaner environment.

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