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How it works

Selling your junk car to Messy Motors is simple! We strive to get fast quotes to our customers so you can sell your car, truck, or SUV quickly and get on with your day. Call for a quote or fill out a quote request form online today!

  1. Email or call for a quote. Then, set an appointment for pickup.
  2. Tow truck driver arrives.
  3. Accept payment from the tow truck driver. Driver tows car away.

That’s it! There are no hidden steps and we keep the process streamlined and simple, to save you time. Since we have extended hours, you can name the time and day for a tow truck to pick up your car.

Fast Quotes, Rapid Pickup

When customers call in or email a quote request for selling a junk vehicle, they’ll get a rapid response. You’ll usually receive your email quote within the hour. If you’re calling by phone, no worries! We strive to answer every call within the first few rings. In the event of an overload, we appreciate that your time is valuable and we keep phone hold times down to a minute or less, even during the time you’re waiting for the quote. By the end of the call, you’ll have a quote and you can decide whether to sell it today.

Once you decide to sell a junk car to Messy Motors, you set the time and place for tow away. One of our licensed, insured tow trucks drivers will show up at the appointed time, with the payment in hand.

Since we understand that customers need quick service, we can usually pick up the vehicle by tow truck within 24 hours. All of the information needed for the transaction can be completed in one phone call or by filling out an online form. What could be simpler?

If you’d like to learn more about cars we offer cash for, learn more here!

Dispose of Your Scrap Car the Right Way for the Environment

Selling your junk car for cash is not only good for your wallet and your peace of mind, but it’s also good for the environment. It helps keep the planet clean, since by recycling broken down cars and trucks, we eliminate the need for huge junkyards and landfills and can, instead, leave a cleaner tomorrow for our children.
Most of your vehicle’s components are recyclable. Selling your junk car to Messy Motors ensures it will be properly recycled and disposed of. Cars that are not disposed of properly can sit around in abandoned fields or junkyards for years decomposing. Sheet metal will decompose first, in 50 or so years, but the plastics on your car may last 1000 years. That’s why it’s so important to recycling the metal, glass, plastics, and fluids on a junk car.

If you’d like to learn more about how auto salvage works, learn more here!

Whether you need to sell old cars for cash, a newer totaled vehicle for cash, or broken down commercial vehicles for cash, we’re here to help! We buy junk cars!

Give Messy Motors a call and we’ll ensure the materials in your vehicle are responsibly recycled.


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