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Sell Your Junk Car in Wisconsin

Got an old clunker parked in the driveway? Totaled a car? You can get cash today for your broken down, totaled, or damaged vehicle at Messy Motors. We buy all types of vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, commercial vehicles, etc.) in any condition, for top dollar. Contact us today for a quick quote from a professional vehicle valuation specialist. We offer free towing.

Simple Process

Selling your vehicle to Messy Motors is simple. All you need to do is request a quote, tell us when you’d like us to pick it up, and we’ll arrive with a tow truck and a cash payment in hand. In most cases, we can be there within 24 hours to pick up your vehicle. In fact, if you don’t want to take time out of your schedule to meet the tow truck driver, we can even arrange to deposit your payment into an account so you don’t have to be there.

Get the Most Cash for Selling Your Vehicle

At Messy Motors, we are committed to paying top dollar on junk cars, and making the process as simple as possible for our customers. Some of the vehicles we buy will be carefully rebuilt, some will be used for spare parts, and others will be recycled. The value of your vehicle is determined based on a number of factors, including local demand, the condition of your vehicle, model, and make. Popular models are often in high demand for overhaul rebuilds or parts, but more unique models can also fetch a good price. Call today to find out how much your junk car is worth in Wisconsin.

Top Selling Vehicles in Wisconsin

  • Ford F-150
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • Chevrolet Equinox

Wisconsin Road Trips

Ready to hit the road with your new wheels and the cash from selling your old vehicle? There are dozens of fascinating road trip destinations to choose from in Wisconsin. From outdoor and fishing expeditions, to museums and cultural attractions, to spelunking at Cave of the Mounds, Wisconsin offers many destinations to choose from. An enjoyable road trip is a vacation along the Wisconsin River Road. This area has been voted as the prettiest drive in America, and a fun road trip in spring, summer, or fall. It begins just 40 minutes outside of Minneapolis, so it’s a perfect escape from the Twin Cities in summertime. The 250 miles of Wisconsin’s only scenic byway include sweeping views, plenty of recreation opportunities, and 33 river towns. Visitors enjoy the deeply carved river valleys, sand prairies, and the lush riverbank, whether they’re driving along the highway, paddling in the river, or hiking along a trail. The towns provide a wide range of recreation, dining, and lodging options. Each town has a different story to tell, with dozens of historical destinations to explore (such as Villa Louise Historic Site, the Potosi Brewing Company, and the Fort Crawford Museum). Lush farmland means you can expect bountiful farmers’ markets here in summer and fall. You can go boating, paddling, bird watching, or fishing in the river, or tour historic forts and buildings. As you drive along, you can stop at historical markers, enjoy local cuisine, and pick a town to explore. Whether it’s your first time vacationing along the Wisconsin River Road or your 50th, there is always something new to enjoy on this scenic road trip.

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