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We Buy Junk Cars in the Jackson Area

Are you interested in selling a junk car in the Jackson, Mississippi area? Messy Motors can provide an instant offer on your vehicle, tow it for free, and hand you fast cash on the spot. We take pride in offering the best experience possible for our customers, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Top Reasons to Sell Your Junk Car to Messy Motors

You’ll Make Money

Our professional vehicle valuation specialists will carefully assess your vehicle to offer you the maximum payout possible. There’s no easier way to make money on the sale of your junk car.

It’ll Save You Money

Why spend money on an inoperable car, or waste more money on repeated repairs that aren’t fixing the problem for the long run? Save the money and say goodbye to the hunk of junk now.

You’ll Save Space

By removing the unwanted vehicle from your garage or driveway, you can instantly clear up space for a new vehicle, workstation, or whatever else you choose.

You’ll Remove the Danger

Old, rusty cars can pose a danger for children playing nearby. Dangerous foods and chemicals can also begin to leak into your driveway, home, yard, or even nearby sewer, which can pose a danger to the environment as a whole.

You’ll Save Time

Why bother wasting time with picky buyers over a vehicle that you no longer want or need? If your vehicle is not in good condition, it can make it even more difficult to find a suitable buyer. With Messy Motors, all you need to do is pick up the phone and we will take care of the rest.

We’ll Tow It for Free

You won’t even need to worry about moving your vehicle. Our licensed, insured, and bonded professionals will arrive at your location and tow it away in no time – at no cost to you.

No Title or Registration? No Problem.

All we need from you is your driver’s license. Even if you no longer have the title or registration, that is no problem for us. We provide instant offers, free towing, and top payout, no matter what your situation may be.

Vehicles that are still operable or in good physical condition can attract a higher offer. Large vehicles (such as SUVs of fleet trucks) can also garner a higher payout for parts and/or scrap metal. However, you will always receive the highest payout possible when you call Messy Motors. Contact us today for free, prompt towing services in Jackson, Madison County, Rankin County, and all surrounding areas.

Jackson – sell your junk car easily

Max cash for junk cars

Do you know what your junk car is worth? Most junk car owners dramatically underestimate the value of their vehicle. We see it time and time again: the owner of an old, busted up junk car will call us and tell us all about how their vehicle probably isn’t worth anything, but they’re hoping to get a little bit of cash for it. When we quote them a price, they’re usually shocked at how much we’re offering!

If this sounds like a scam, we get it. It’s hard to believe at first. But trust us: we’re not out to scam you! Check out our amazing customer reviews to get a sense of just how satisfied our customers really are. If you’re wondering how (or why) we pay so much for junk cars, the answer is actually pretty simple. You see, we here at Messy Motors specialize in something called automobile recycling. This means that we don’t buy your junk car, fix it up, and sell it as a functioning vehicle. On the contrary: we take your car, disassemble it, and sell it for scrap metal and other scrap parts and materials. This means that even vehicles in awful condition are still of interest to us! No matter how rusty and beat up your car is, we still see value in it. Just call us at 855-924-1853, and we’ll quote you a cash price for your vehicle in a matter of minutes!

Buying junk cars
Do you feel a tiny bit of dread every time you go to start your car? A lot of junk car owners experience this feeling, because they’re worried that their vehicle isn’t going to start (for the 10th time so far this year). Why put yourself through so much stress? You deserve a vehicle that runs reliably, and that’s why it’s long past time to get rid of that old lousy junk car!

Before now, trying to sell a junk car could be challenging. Thanks to Messy Motors, though, it couldn’t be simpler! That’s because we’ve taken the whole junk car purchasing process and streamlined everything. We make it super simple to sell your junk car, and we’ll pay you major cash for it, too!

Ready to get top dollar for your junk car? Call us today at 855-924-1853!

Cash for junk cars

Did you know that you could swap your junk car for literally thousands of dollars in cash? No? How about the fact that you could get that cash in less than 24 hours? This isn’t a scam, and it’s not a joke! This is the real deal! Messy Motors is ready to pay you hundreds or even thousands of dollars right here, right now. All it takes is a quick phone call to get major cash for your clunker!

It’s amazing living in Jackson. But, you need a reliable vehicle if you live here. Trying to get by with a junk car just isn’t going to cut it, especially in the winter. The problem is, how do you get a new car when you don’t have any cash available? After all, you need enough cash to make a down payment on your new vehicle. That’s where Messy Motors comes in! We’re ready to pay you thousands in cash today for your junk car. You can take that money, march right over to the nearest dealership, and get yourself an amazing new vehicle right away!

The more money you waste on trying to fix up your junk car, the worse off you’re going to be. It’s time to stop wasting precious cash on your junk car, and get cash back out of it instead! Call Messy Motors now at 855-924-1853 to get started.

Let us tow your junk car for free

It’s time to get rid of your junk car. You’re ready to do it. You’re excited by the prospect. But, there’s just one problem: how are you going to get it from your yard to the nearest junk car? It refuses to start, and the thought of paying for towing is pretty unappealing.

Easy: let Messy Motors tow it for you! We’re happy to take that junk car off your hands right away. We make the process of selling your old vehicle as easy as pie. Just give us a quick call at 855-924-1853, and you’ll never have to worry about it again! Plus, our towing services are completely free!

Find out what your junk car is worth

Selling your junk car shouldn’t be difficult. When you call Messy Motors, we’ll quote you a price for it right away. From there, you can get cash in less than a day!

Time to sell your junk car: call us now at 855-924-1853!

Jackson – swap your junk car for cash

There was a time when your vehicle was totally suitable for what you needed, but those days are long gone. Back in the day, you wouldn’t have traded your car for anything in the world. Now, though, you’d love nothing more than to get rid of it. Unfortunately, trying to sell it here in Stamford has proven to be next to impossible.

You’ve put your car up for sale online, but all you’ve gotten is one scam email after another. A couple of people have even asked if you want them to tow it away for free — but they refuse to pay you any actual cash for it! What a joke, right? Meanwhile, you’ve called around to local junkyards…but all of them just seem like scam city. What options are left at this point?

If you haven’t called Messy Motors, now’s the time! At Messy Motors, we pay top dollar for junk cars each and every day. If you’re looking to get max cash for your vehicle, call us now at 855-924-1853.

We buy junk cars

Are you unsure of whether or not you should sell your vehicle here in Stamford? We get it. Maybe you’re afraid you won’t be able to get enough for it, and you’d be better of trying to fix it. Here’s the truth, though: after a certain point, putting money into a junk car is a waste of precious cash. Just sell your junk car to us, and go get something newer and better! We’re not going to offer you pennies: we routinely pay thousands of dollars for junk cars!

As an auto recycling company, our goal is to pay you as much cash for your junk car as possible. We don’t care all that much about the age and condition of your vehicle: we just want it for its scrap metal value. 

Time to sell your junk car

If you were assuming that it would take months to sell your junk car, think again! Messy Motors is ready to pay you cash for it now.
Don’t wait another minute: sell your junk car today! Call us at 855-924-1853.

Instant Quotes for Junk Cars

Would you like a quick quote on selling your junk car for cash? Selling your car to Messy Motors is simple and convenient. We will pay you top dollar for your car and will buy vehicles in any condition.

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