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Sell Your Junk Car in the Wichita Area

Was your car totaled? Is it beyond repair? Even if you are expecting to collect from
the insurance company, you can still sell your unwanted car for additional quick
cash. If you are interested in selling your junk car in the Wichita area, Messy Motors
will offer a fast, efficient process, top payouts, and unmatched customer service to
ensure you have the best experience possible.

We’ll Buy Any Vehicle, Any Condition

We care about what’s inside your vehicle, not what it looks like on the outside. We
will pay you top dollar for any car, truck, van, SUV, or commercial vehicle – any year,
make, model, or condition.

Even if you have no title or registration, it is no problem for us. Some vehicles carry
a higher local demand – like the Ford F150, Chevrolet Silverado, and Dodge Ram
1500 – which can lead to a higher offer on your car. However, no matter what your
vehicle may look like or how it may run, you can count on getting top dollar when
you work with us.

What Happens to Your Vehicle?

We are committed to preserving the environment and if you are too, then you’ll be
happy to know that we take efforts to recycle or reuse as much of a vehicle as
possible to get the best value from it. Your vehicle will most likely be stripped of its
valuable metal and auto parts. Once your vehicle is drained of hazardous fluids, the
reusable parts are removed and can be restored and sold as used parts at a discount
to other drivers. The vehicle is then shredded and the scrap metal is recycled for
future use. And you can feel good about your contribution to the environment.

Your Car Can Help the Local Community

That old jalopy in your driveway isn’t doing anyone any good. In fact, it is only
making your property look worse and serving as a potential hazard in your
driveway. Instead, consider what you could instead do with that extra cash.

Recycling your vehicle is one way to also help the local Wichita community. By
contacting us about your junk car, you can prevent it from ending up in a landfill or
spilling potentially dangerous chemicals into our waterways. We can provide
prompt service – usually within 24 hours of receiving your call – to Wichita and all
surrounding areas, including Butler, Harvey, Sedgwick, Sumner, and Kingman
Counties. We will then safely dispose of your car and make sure it is put to good use.

We pay cash for junk cars.

Do you own a junk car? Are you ready to kiss it goodbye and get a newer car instead? Maybe you’re trying to make that happen, but all you’re getting is one super lowball offer after another. Frustrating, isn’t it? We know the feeling.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. All you’ve got to do is call Messy Motors today at 855-924-1853, and you can get instant cash for your junk car! We’re not going to offer you pennies, either. We routinely pay thousands of dollars for junk cars! Our customer service team can quote you a price over the phone in a matter of minutes, and from there we can tow your vehicle away the same day. Plus, towing is absolutely free here in Waterbury! Sell your junk car now: call us at 855-924-1853.

Serving all areas.

A lot of junkyards will try to offer you next to nothing for your junk car. The same goes for private buyers and dealerships. Fortunately, that’s not how we operate here at Messy Motors! On the contrary, in fact: we pay the most for junk cars of anyone in town! It doesn’t matter how beat up your vehicle is, because we’re a junk car recycler. That means that we can pay more than anyone else, since all we’re concerned about is the scrap metal value of your vehicle. Other buyers are worried about its condition, but not us!

In fact, we’re happy to buy a junk car that refuses to run, has flat tires, and is covered in rust. Trust us! We don’t even care what part of town you’re in. No matter what, we’ll come tow your vehicle away at no cost to you! All it takes is a quick phone call: 855-924-1853.

Get thousands in cash for your junk car

At Messy Motors, we don’t beat around the bush. When you call us for a quote, we’ll tell you what you junk car is worth in less than five minutes. From there, it’s just a matter of arranging a convenient time for us to come take it off your hands!

Get cash for your junk car now: call us at 855-924-1853!


It’s time to finally sell your junk car. There’s just one issue though: can you really get any actual cash for it? You’ve gotten nothing but lowball offers so far. There’s one dealer after another laughing at you, private buyers trying to scam you, and junkyards offering you pennies. Are there any real options out there? You’ve thought about trying to sell it part by part, but you’re pretty sure that you don’t have the skill set necessary to do that.

No need to worry: Messy Motors can help! As a junk car recycling company, our job is to pay top dollar for junk cars and then turn them into scrap metal. This means that we’re able to pay way more than anyone else in town for junk cars! While private buyers may not be interested in your vehicle given its condition, Messy Motors is happy to pay you serious cash for it! Call us now to find out more: 855-924-1853.

We’ll tow your car at no cost to you

It’s incredibly common for our customers to have a junk car on their hands that doesn’t start. If this is the situation you’re in, you might be wondering how you’re going to get your vehicle from your property to our location. Well, there’s nothing to worry about. You see, Messy Motors offers free towing for all of our customers! So, as long as you’re here in the Wilmington area, we can come pick your vehicle up for free!

We’re happy to tow your car no matter what part of town you’re located in. Whether you’re in Trolley Square, Trinity, Little Italy, Baynard Village, Bancroft Parkway, or anywhere else in town, just give us a call to get cash for your junk car!

Get cash today from Messy Motors

Working with Messy Motors simply can’t be beat. We pay the most of anyone in town for junk cars, and we’ll get you your cash in less than a day! All it takes is a five minute call to get started. If you have your title and registration ready to go, we can get you cash immediately! Other junk car buyers might try to hassle you, but not us. Working with Messy Motors couldn’t be easier!

Don’t hesitate: pick up the phone and call Messy Motors today at 855-924-1853!


Getting cash for your junk car is simple

Do you have an old compact car that’s decided to bite the dust? Or, maybe there’s a rusty old pickup truck on your property that hasn’t run for years and years. Whatever the specifics might be, Messy Motors can pay you cash for your old vehicle. All it takes is a quick phone call to find out what your junk car is worth: 855-924-1853.

Here’s the thing: nobody likes junk cars. If the old vehicle in your driveway is stressing you out, just imagine how your neighbors probably feel about it! When you choose to work with Messy Motors, you can rest assured that your old vehicle will be out of sight and out of mind in less than a day! Plus, we’ll tow it away free of charge and pay you cash on the spot.

Years of experience with junk cars

There are a lot of fly-by-night companie, but we’re not one of them! Messy Motors has an excellent reputation, and our customers love working with us. Plus, we serve all areas of the city. Whether you are near the Wichita Art Museum or anywhere along the Kansas River all you have to do is call Messy Motors at 855-924-1853 to get cash for your vehicle instantly!

Here’s how the process works:

  • First, give us a quick call at 855-924-1853. We’ll offer you cash for your vehicle immediately!
  • If you agree to our offer, we can schedule a convenient time to come retrieve your car.
  • Finally, simply sign your title over to us and get your cash!

Talk about easy!

Junk car cash in just hours

If you try to find a private buyer for your vehicle, you could be waiting for months before you manage to sell it. And, in the end, you might not sell it at all! Instead of going through all that hassle, why not just call Messy Motors? We can pay you for your junk car today, and we’ll beat any other offer in the area! There’s no reason to deal with the trouble of private buyers, dealerships, and sketchy junkyards when you can just call Messy Motors! We make selling your junk car easier than ever.

Don’t wait: call Messy Motors now at 855-924-1853 and get cash today!


Instant Quotes for Junk Cars

Would you like a quick quote on selling your junk car for cash? Selling your car to Messy Motors is simple and convenient. We will pay you top dollar for your car and will buy vehicles in any condition.

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