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Cash for Junk Cars in Sacramento

Do you have a car you’re ready to get rid of? At Messy Motors, you can get instant cash for selling a junk car in Sacramento, California. Maybe your vehicle has physical damage that makes it hard to sell. Perhaps it was totaled in an accident. Or maybe it’s been a dependable car for many years and has finally driven its last mile. Whatever the case, it’s easy to sell your junk car, truck, SUV, van, or commercial vehicle to Messy Motors. We buy all vehicles in all conditions for top dollar.

The Quick and Easy Way to Sell Your Junk Car

We offer free tow away of your junk car for your convenience, from anywhere in the Sacramento metropolitan area. In most cases, we can be there to tow it away within 24 hours, with cash in hand. No matter what condition your car is in, or how long it’s been sitting unused, we will buy it and tow it off your property. We can even help out if you have lost the title or registration papers for your junk car. If you’d rather have a stack of cash than an old or damaged vehicle sitting in your driveway, give us a call. We buy junk cars for cash.

We Buy All Models and Makes

Whether you have a car, a truck, or a commercial vehicle, we’ll buy it, no matter what condition it’s in. Some vehicles may be painstakingly rebuilt, others are used for parts, and others for their recyclable materials they’re made of. At Messy Motors, we have a team of professional vehicle valuation specialists who can determine the highest value your vehicle is worth in the Sacramento area. That means you’ll get more cash for your junk car.
Strong Demand for Junk Cars in Sacramento

The value of your junk car is affected by local demand for parts or recyclables, the type of vehicle, and its condition. At Messy Motors, we have professional vehicle valuation specialists on hand to take these factors into consideration and determine the value of your vehicle.

In Sacramento, the most popular vehicles are the Toyota Camry and the Toyota Prius, thanks to their reputations for dependability and fuel economy. The next most popular cars in Sacramento are also sedans: the Honda Civic, the Toyota Corolla, and the Nissan Versa. Popular sports and compact sports cars are the Porsche 911 and the Camaro, while the top SUVs for Sacramento are the Toyota Highlander, the Honda CRV, and the Lexus RX. BMW 3-Series vehicles are also very popular in Sacramento and all of California.
However, whatever type of car you want to sell, there is a demand for it in this large metro area. At Messy Motors, we pay the highest going price for junk cars, trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles in the Sacramento metro area.

Quick Service in Sacramento

In most cases, we can pick up your junk car within 24 hours of when you call for a quote, with cash in hand. If you can’t be there in person when the tow truck arrives, we can also arrange to transfer our cash payment for your vehicle to your account, and then we’ll tow away your vehicle at the designated time.

Instant Quotes for Junk Cars

Would you like a quick quote on selling your junk car for cash? Selling your car to Messy Motors is simple and convenient. We will pay you top dollar for your car and will buy vehicles in any condition.

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