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There comes a point in every car’s life where it becomes increasingly more expensive to maintain the vehicle. At what point is it time to scrap the car and look for something new? Messy Motors suggests these four considerations before making your final decision.

Safety and Reliability

Probably the most important factor in determining your car’s fate is safety and reliability. First, consider your local climate. Are the seasons relatively mild, or are winters brutally cold? When driving in snow and ice, your car’s reliability can mean the difference between life and death. Similarly, if your area has very hot summers, your car could be at much greater risk of overheating on the freeway.

In addition to climate, also consider how reliable you need your car to be. If you only need the car to run occasional errands, or live an area with sufficient public transit options, reliability may not be your top priority. If you use your car to drive to work every day, driving around a clunker may affect your job performance.

Photo Credit: Emyr Jones

Photo Credit: Emyr Jones

Repair Costs and Current Value

Consider the types of repairs your car has required up to this point. Major repairs such as an overhauled engine, rebuilt transmission, or reconfigured computer are a good sign that several other problems also exist. These types of repairs should only be made if you’re completely confident about keeping the car.

Repair costs can quickly exceed the value of the vehicle. To find what your vehicle is currently selling for, check with sites like Kelly Blue Book, as well as local classified listings in your area. If your car is in serious disrepair, consider selling it for cash to a salvage company.

It can be difficult to determine

what makes the most practical and financial sense for your vehicle, but with sufficient research and a logical approach, you can make your decision confidently.