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If you have a vehicle on your property that is no longer in drivable condition, or requires more repairs than it is worth, then there are a number of options you can consider to safely dispose of the vehicle.


Sell It to Us

The Messy Motors junk car removal process is simple and straightforward, which makes it the preferred method of removal for most junk car owners. All you need to do is call for an instant offer, based on the vehicle make, model, year, and condition. Up to 98% of a vehicle’s metal can be recycled, so there is value to be found in any type of personal or business vehicle. The larger your vehicle, the more it will likely sell for because there is more metal and parts to be sold (making it worth more).

A licensed, bonded, insured tower will arrive at your property at the agreed upon time to safely remove the vehicle at no cost to you. They will hand you cash on the spot and you can say goodbye to your unwanted vehicle on the very same day.

What Will You Need?

In order to receive an offer on your junk car, you will need your driver’s license and a copy of the registration. Even if you have no title or registration, it isn’t a problem for some salvage yards, like Messy Motors.

Sell It Privately

This can be more difficult as most private buyers are looking for pre-owned vehicles in good condition. If your vehicle has significant exterior damage or requires expensive repairs, a private buyer or dealership will be far less likely to buy it. This may end up wasting more of your time and frustration in the end. However, if your vehicle is in good shape and you are willing to take on the extra work, you may be able to get the most for your car with this method.

Junk It Yourself

This is perhaps the most difficult and dangerous way to dispose of your vehicle. You will need to drain the fluids, remove the spare tire, remove any useable parts, and tow the vehicle to the scrap yard yourself. You can also restore and sell used car parts and tires on your own if they are in good shape, but it can take awhile to find interested buyers.

While there are a variety of tutorials and online assistance to help you junk your car, many car owners simply are not up to the task or challenge. If you aren’t sure you can handle the project, maintain your safety and leave the work to a pro. Contact us at 888-309-1049 and we can provide more information to help you make an informed decision regarding your junk car.