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Roadside assistance can provide a range of benefits when you are caught in an emergency situation. It is a type of supplementary insurance product that can provide any driver with peace of mind that they can quickly call a professional anytime they have a flat tire or problem with their car on the side of the road. Some of the most common services offered in a roadside assistance deal include:

  • Towing – You can enjoy free towing services, usually up to 5 to 10 miles away.
  • Tire Change – Have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and no idea how to fix it? Call roadside assistance and they can change the tire for you in no time.
  • Battery Jump – If your battery won’t start, roadside assistance can give you a quick jumpstart.
  • Locksmith Service – When you’ve accidentally locked your keys inside of the car, roadside assistance can promptly get you back in.
  • Fuel and Fluid Delivery – If you run out of gas or your vehicle overheats, roadside assistance will deliver the gas, diesel, or coolant you need to get to the nearest station.
  • Winching – When your car is stuck, roadside assistance can pull you out.
  • Extras – Most roadside assistance packages include extras like travel discounts, trip-interruption coverage, free maps, directions, and assistance with finding alternative transportation when your car is in disrepair.

How to Sign Up

While AAA and Better World Club still remain the most widely known 24-hour roadside assistance providers, there are a range of companies that now offer these helpful services. Your insurance company or credit card providers may already provide some coverage and even wireless service providers, like Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint, are offering roadside assistance for a small monthly cost. Other service providers, such as OnStar, can call for help and report your exact location, which can be a significant benefit when you are in an emergency situation on the road.

Each service provider offers their own benefits and coverage, so you will need to choose the right plan or program based on your budget and the coverage you need. The service is usually anywhere from $30-$100 per year, but it can be more if there is a signup fee, or if you decide to add extra services. Look for plans with more generous towing and gas allowances, and find out whether the plan covers the car, the driver, and/or other vehicles.

It Won’t Do Much for Junk Cars

A roadside assistance deal can be a lifesaver for any driver, but it can only go so far. If you find that you are dealing with problems more often than not, then it is time to upgrade your vehicle. When your vehicle is not up to the task of safely, comfortably getting you to your destination, it can pose a danger for both you and other drivers on the road. Contact Messy Motors at 888-309-1049 to sell your junk car for instant cash, which you can use as a down payment on a reliable new car.