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Have you decided to sell your vehicle? Along with enjoying the extra cash in your pocket, selling your old pile of junk can also help benefit the world around you. With auto recycling, a majority of your vehicle will be reused or recycled in some way and your contribution can help preserve our environment for years to come.


The Auto Recycling Process

The auto recycling process is rather complex, especially when you consider the hazardous materials that need to be safely removed first, which is why most drivers leave it to the pros. The process typically includes the following:

  1. Environmentally hazardous fluids are drained from the vehicle
  2. Reusable parts are removed from the vehicle, cleaned up, restored, and sold as used parts
  3. Remaining recyclable and potentially hazardous components are removed, such as the battery, tires, and lead parts
  4. The vehicle is crushed in a car crusher
  5. The vehicle is fed into a shredder, where the ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts are separated
  6. Any auto shredder residue (such as some plastic, foam, and glass materials) is disposed of
  7. The scrap metal is recycled and melted down to form new metal or components

The Statistics Are Surprising

Approximately 75%, and sometimes up to 98%, of a junk car is recycled, so the vast majority of it is put to good use. From the metal and auto parts to the glass and plastic products that make up the car, most of its interior and exterior can be recycled. Messy Motors is also a member of the Automotive Recyclers Association, which means we take pride in adhering to the high standards of the auto recycling industry.

About 95% of the 12-15 million vehicles retired from the road in the U.S. each year are recycled, making cars the #1 recycled item and auto recycling one of the largest industries in our country. The auto industry also recycles significantly more than any other industry.

What To Do Now

Donating or selling your unwanted vehicle can give it new life and a purpose again. You can also feel good knowing that you did your part for the environment, got rid of your old car, maybe saved someone else money on a pre-owned car or used parts, and made some money at the end of the day. Recycling metal also uses about 75% less energy than it takes to produce new metal, so you can also help save energy and extend our natural resources.

Want to learn more about how auto recycling works? We are here to help! To get started on selling your junk car, all you have to do is contact us at 888-309-1049 for an instant offer.