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caring for old cars

Do you have an older vehicle that’s still running great, but it’s looking a bit shabby? There are some great engines out there that will just keep going, especially if they’re well cared for. The way an older car looks can be a bit of a turn off for many people, however. If you’re picking up friends in your car, torn seats or a sagging ceiling just aren’t welcoming. Here are some simple ways to amp up the aesthetics and give your old vehicle that classic, old school look.

Get a wheel cover. Your steering wheel often bears the brunt of weather extremes, since it’s in the hot sun a lot of the time. This means it can get old, faded, and even hard to grip with age. A wheel cover can make your car fun to drive again and can help you feel good about your car. It can also improve comfort on hot days (when the wheel will be burning your hands) or on cold days (when you feel like you’ll get frostbite by just touching the steering wheel). Select a wheel cover that will protect you from the weather extremes you have in your city.

Put on seat covers. Torn, stained, and faded seats may be the worst part about owning an older vehicle. If your seats have seen better days, you can invest in seat covers to protect your clothes (and your pride!) from old and unpleasant upholstery. There are seat covers in all styles and colors to choose from, whether you like tropical flower prints, traditional muted tones, or camouflage printed seat covers. Find one that fits your seats and enjoy it. Having a distinctive seat cover can also make it easy to spot your car in a parking lot.

Keep it clean. There’s nothing like a clean car to show confidence and pride of ownership. Your vehicle doesn’t have to be new and just off the car lot for you to be proud of it. But keeping it clean, crumb-free, and gleaming will go a long way in keeping up its appearance and preserving its value.

Buy car air fresheners. When you open a car door, you’re either welcomed by the smell or sickened by it. And the hotter the day is, the stronger you’ll smell your car odors. Old cars can get musty and nasty smelling, especially if there are smoke smells or old food smells in with the mold and heat. Air fresheners can make a big difference in making your car a pleasant and welcoming environment for you and your friends. When you choose an air freshener, make sure you don’t choose one that’s too heavy or sweet. Hot temperatures can make sweet smelling scents feel sticky and overpowering. You’ll want to choose a scent that’s light and refreshing. Try citrus scents, light fruit scents, ocean, bamboo, fresh linen, earthy scents, or a new car smell.

Fix the ceiling liner. You can replace or repair a sagging ceiling liner with some work and not much money. To replace it completely, you’ll need to remove the headliner board and put new fabric in. You’ll need to have screwdrivers, a new liner, and hardware to attach it. You can find videos or instructions online or on car repair forums. To do it, you’ll need foam-backed fabric that’s similar to the factory-approved fabric that currently lines the ceiling of your automobile. If you just have a spot here and there that’s started to sag, you can use a few staples or some thumbtacks, but it will look like a repair job. You can often find a place to replace the whole liner for under $200, so if it’s important to you and the ceiling is in poor shape anyway (showing signs of rot or mold), then go ahead and spring for having it done professionally if you don’t feel up to a big project to do.

There are many other tips for old cars and ways you can make an old car look awesome. Many of the big things cost a lot of money (such as having your car repainted), but remember that small little things can make a difference and can go a long way in helping your car look well cared for. When it’s finally time to retire your vehicle, contact us at Messy Motors. We’ll give you a quote on the spot for buying your old vehicle, no matter what shape it’s in. We buy old cars for cash and recycle them responsibly, which is better for your budget, and better for the environment. Call us at 888-309-1049 to find out how much your car is worth.