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While it would be great to be able to get your car detailed a few times a year, most people settle for an afternoon in the garage with the vacuum and a couple of rags. Pay attention to these small details to make your results worth the effort.

Photo Credit: George Hodan

Cleaning the Dash

One of the areas in your car’s interior with the most need for attention is your car’s dash. There are countless buttons, levers, knobs, and other small details that can easily trap dust and debris. Wiping down these areas with a rag will do little to get dirt out of small grooves.

Instead, add a screwdriver to your stash of cleaning supplies. The edge of the screwdriver is hard and angular enough to wedge debris out of small spaces, but blunt enough to avoid any damage to the car’s material. Follow the screwdriver with a rag to keep the dirt from spreading.

Car Vents

Car vents can also be difficult to clean, due to the moving parts and exposed surface areas. Additionally, the vent adjuster often blocks access to the full slats. To resolve this problem, enlist the help of a cheap, fluffy paintbrush from your local craft store. Simply spray the brush with furniture polish and brush between the hard-to-reach crevices to t
rap the dust and dirt.

Washing the Windows

Washing your car windows seems like one of the most basic elements of car maintenance and cleaning. However, did you ever think to wash the tops of your windows? After cleaning the interior and exterior of the window, take a couple of minutes to roll them down and scrub the top of window. This will ensure that your windows will both look great and provide good visibility while driving.

Paying attention to the small details during your regular maintenance will keep your car looking great and holding its value.